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    How to choose large size wedding dress for chubby bride

    Babyonlinedress.com 2014-11-03


    Chubby brides will also become brides. But what and how they wear will make them more beautiful. Let’s take a look according to their different figures.


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    1.    Brides in cylindrical figures

    The typical characteristic of this kind of brides is that they do not have the obvious waist and curve. Usually, those of this figure aren’t tall and they will give others an impression of dumpy. Oh, my god! Are they no saved? Certainly not.

    The key point of them is to see the waist line. The waist of the dress is usually divided into three types. Among them, the angle of V line will give people the illusion of slimmer and this type of dress is most suitable for brides in cylindrical figures.

    Moreover, the increase of the skirt which is like the ball gown can also be regarded as a good solution.


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    2.    Brides who are chesty

    You can wear low-cut dress to emphasize your beautiful chest. However, if the size of your chest isn’t match well with your figure, you should choose heart-shaped collar or some simple necklines design in order to reduce the exaggerated degree of bosom line.

    3.    Brides who are fat at the upper part of the body had better to choose the material which is little hard. As for the brides who are fat at the lower part of the body had better to choose the wedding dresses which are simple designed in waist and skirt.


                                                             2015 wedding dress, plus size dress, large wedding dress, bridal gowns   

    4.    The choice of the wedding dress tries to avoid the heavy and complicated design. The straight line clipping and lacy design can make the bride look more slender. In addition, too much adornment will increase the visual effect and it will cause more burdensome feelings.

    5.    Chubby brides had better to wear wedding dresses with sleeves, such as short puffed sleeves or cap sleeves. This kind of dress will help brides to hide their fat arms.


                                                            plus size wedding dress, 2015 wedding dress, large bridal dress

    6.    The veil is also an important part of the wedding that the bride should not ignore. It will help them to cover their round face in the wedding ceremonies.



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