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2015 Fashionable Trends——There Is Always A Bouquet Suiting Your Wedding Dress

Babyonlinedress.com 2014-10-21

The beautiful bridal bouquet is an indispensable element in the weddings. It carries with the new couple’s beautiful love and their hopes of future life. A conspicuous bouquet not only can be a plus for the bride’s overall shape, but also can be a witness of the happy moment. Different types of bouquets suit different brides who are in various figures and temperament, so how many types of bouquets do the wedding ceremony use often?

1.Round Wedding Bouquet

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Round Bouquet is the most common and most widely used type of flowers in hand. The bouquet is usually made by a single type of flowers, and is decorated by green branches, leaves and some other broken flowers. This kind of bouquet can be used in any other occasions and it is suitable for any posture of the bride. The bouquet gives the sense of gentle and elegant with the fluent line.

2. Waterfall Wedding Bouquet

                                                                               colorful weddings, 2015 wedding dresses, bridal fashionable dress, bouquet
This extremely popular bouquet is the continuation of round bouquet. The line of the projectile shape is like a soft and dynamic waterfall, which makes the brides hardly tear themselves from it. The waterfall bouquet is very suitable for brides who are in petite figures. The dropping line of flowers can elongate the shape of the body from the vision.

3. Flower Basket Wedding Bouquet

                                                                               2015 wedding trends, wedding dresses and bouquets, bridal new dress
As the technology of the round bouquet is getting stronger, the flower basket bouquet abandons the traditional habit of hand-carrying bouquet, which makes the brides have more choices. This type of bouquet extremely accords the exquisite temperament of the bride.

4. Decorative Wedding Bouquet

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The definition of decorative bouquet stems from the synthesis of all types of flowers. It is made of different flowers with feathers, ribbons and other materials in order to create the more perfect bouquet shape and make the bouquet become the work of art.
Decorative bouquet can match with the brides in different figures and temperaments according to various decorations, which will make brides more elegant and beautiful.




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