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    Met Gala 2015 - Popular Elements

    Babyonlinedress.com 2015-05-11

    The Met Gala 2015 has ended perfectly and there are many popular international stars with their charming Celebrities Dresses attending the fashion party. What attractive me most is the theme of this fashionable show -- : Through the looking Glass. This is the second time to use as the theme since 1989. So let us analyze the key Chinese elements in this fashion show.


    The First Chinese Element: Cheongsam

      Cheongsam is a typical feature for Chinese women. And it also represents the traditional culture . During the development of history, cheongsam gradually become the desire for fashion and it is the product of women to pursuit liberation.


    The Second Chinese Element: Traditional Culture 

      It is one of the most civilization countries in the word and it has a long history. And there are so many traditional cultures in the history of Chinese, such as Beijing opera, embroidery, etc. In this fashion show, many designers used traditional cultures in their designs.



    The Third Chinese Element: Chinese Women’s Character

      In the eyes of western people, Chinese women have small figure. But they are very story and brave. In this fashion show, Zhao Wei wore a v-neck purple dress and used a butterfly as a accessory. It said that purple butterfly represents a domineering, the courage of broken cocoon in to a butterfly.


    The Fourth Chinese Element; Color

      the favorite color is red. People think red is the symbol of happiness and warm. When in some big events or some important moments, people will wear red clothes to express their happiness. And in this fashion show, many stars wear red clothes to appeal to the theme.


    The Last Chinese Element: Fashion

      No matter what the theme of every show, they have the common similarity – the element of fashion. The high comment on a poplar star is the mastery of fashion. If they can show their fashion in the party, they may be regarded as successful.


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