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Short Cocktail Dresses

Babyonlinedress.com 2015-03-31


Cocktail dress is the cloth which women wear in cocktail party or not completely formal occasion. It is a gown between ordinary clothes and evening dress. Compared with the luxurious evening dresses, cocktail dress pays more attention to the relaxation of the occasion and the atmosphere. The style of the dress is simpler, more elegant and more reserved.


  Cocktail dress needs to expose some skins, but it does not like evening dress has a backless or an open back. It just has few changes. There are two common kind of cocktail dress in the length—knee length cocktail dress and mini/ short cocktail dress. These lengths reduce the difficulty of acting. In colors, it focuses on black cocktail dress, white cocktail dress, pink cocktail dress and gold cocktail dress. In a beautiful and elegant, there always have some decorations, such as appliqué, rhinestones, sequins and beadings. The material of the dress is very wide. You can choose the fabric you like to make a cocktail dress.



  Cocktail party is an informal party between friends. Usually people will stand to eat or communicate. Considering this point, the designer has an idea to make up a short and convenient dress for women.  

  In conclusion, cocktail dress is shorter and simple than evening gown. Of course, it is much cheaper than evening dress in price. But everything has its own feature and you need to pick up suitable dress according to different occasions.


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