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    The Collocation of Bridesmaid Gown and Bridal Dress

    Babyonlinedress.com 2015-03-26


    For Bridals, it is not easy to pick up a bridesmaid dress and it needs to satisfy some demands. First, it needs be elegant and can show the beauty of bridesmaid. Second, it must be fashionable, because fashion is a key element in every field. Last but not least, it cannot overshadow the leading role of bride. So bridesmaid dresses should be chose according to the wedding occasion and style or color of bridal gowns.


      If holding a lawn wedding, the bridesmaid can elect mini dresses. The color can be light green, pink or light yellow. Of course, the most important thing is that the bridesmaid gown must match the style of wedding and stay the same color with wedding dress.


      If planning a grand and luxurious wedding, the bridesmaid can choose the formal long dresses, which is over the shoes in the length, simple in the style. In color, you can choose champagne, cream-colored, light coffee or gray. Both of those can show the style of grace.


      If you want to have an ocean or beach wedding, blue dress is the best selection. In color, you can use light blue, lavender or noble sapphire. The soft chiffon is good for a romantic moment with facing ocean during the warmth of spring all the flower bloom.


      On the base of color, style and wedding, bridesmaid dress can have an extremely contrast with bridal gown. For example, if the bride wears a long dress, her bridesmaid can wear a short or mini gown. It can bring people a beauty with contrast.


      In general, there are three things need to pay attention to.


    1. Bridesmaid dress should be picked up according to wedding occasion, style and color of bridal gown.


    2. The style of bridesmaid should be simple in order to become a good helper of bride.


    3. The most significant is that the style of bridesmaid dress needs to be low and never can replace the status of bridal dress.





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