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    Learn more about Wedding Dresses Fabrics

    Babyonlinedress.com 2015-03-24

      There are four common fabrics when making a wedding dress. They are satin, lace, chiffon and organza. Each fabric has its own feature and relative merits. Today I will give more details about those fabrics.


    1. Satin: it usually used as a whole part. Sometimes it will be used as an embellishment, but it is not common to see. Satin including taffeta, stretch satin, etc.

      Merits: it will make people look more generous and graceful. At the same time, it will show the beauty of figure better.

      Demerits: some styles of satin are very old and mature. So if you want to wear a satin wedding dress, you need to pick up suitable embellishments to decorate it. And the satin dress is easy to have crease link. Taking good care of it is necessary.


    2. Lace: it often is used as a decoration. When people use lace as the whole part of dress, they will use no things to embellish it.

      Advantages: it will turn the ordinary to extraordinary. Lightening the dress and attracting person’s attention.

      Disadvantage: there is no need to use much lace to decorate the wedding dress. In this way, it will make the dress look more complex and lose its feature.


    3. Chiffon:Soft chiffon is the main fabric of some ball gowns. It will add the feeling of obscuration.

      Advantage: it will make the bride more graceful. The fabric is ventilated so it is a good choice to wear it in the hot day. At the same time, this fabric is soft and it will reduce the heavy of bride.

      Disadvantages: if it is not good chiffon, it will reduce the quality of the dress and make it look worse as a whole. The chiffon is very thin and if you want to show you charm perfectly, you need to make at least four tiers.


    4. Organza: organza is another good selection when you want to wear a ball gown. The dress which is made of organza is usually tiered and ruffled.

      Merits: the price of synthetic organza is cheaper and it is easy to fix the style. This fabric is hyaline and it will make the bride look lightsome and elegant.

      Demerits: it is very hard and will not be used to make an upper coat. If the organza is synthetic, you need to pay attention to its details. Otherwise you will feel uncomfortable when you wearing it.


      I hope those information can help you to choose a better wedding dress.



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