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    How to buy bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again

    Babyonlinedress.com 2015-03-03

    For many brides, it is puzzled to pick up suitable dresses for their bridesmaids. Because most times, bridesmaid dresses will be worn only in their weddings and then put the dress aside and never wear it again. So it is necessary to pick suitable 2015 bridesmaid dresses which their bridesmaids can wear them again in other occasions.


      First, when the bride is planning to buy her bridesmaid dresses, she needs to bring her bridesmaids together. Although they are best friends, they do not know each other very clearly. The bride can tell the topic of her wedding to her bridesmaid and allow them to pick their own style. In this way, the bridesmaid has more chance to wear the dress again.


      Second, choose the neutral color, such as soft pink, champagne, navy or black. Those colors are very common to see in our daily life and they are not attractive. So there is no doubt that bridesmaid would love to wear these dresses again.


      Third, the style should be simple bridesmaid dress. Simple dresses can be decorated easily and bridesmaid can choose different decoration to decorate the dresses according to different situations. Plain accessories wear make the dress a new life and it will not be found the dress has been worn before.


      Last but not least, the bride can consider different style of bridesmaid dresses. In our mind, bridesmaid dress must be the same in the style and color. But not each kind can fit each figure and each color can fit every complexion. So bridesmaid dresses can be same in the color but different in the style or same in the style but different in the color. In this way, the bridesmaid has more will to wear the bridesmaid dress in daily life.


      These are my suggestions to make the bridesmaid dress more useful.

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