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    Simple and decent bridesmaid dresses

    Babyonlinedress 2015-02-12

    Bridesmaids play an indispensable role on the wedding ceremony. Because of special meaning, bride often invite her best sisters to accompany her and finish the most important ceremony in her life. If you are invited to be a bridesmaid, you will feel honored, but for bridesmaid, you will prepare her simple bridesmaid dress perfectly.


    Indoor wedding: the style of bridesmaid dress should be same with the bride’. If bride wears a formal wedding dress with long train on the wedding, brides can wear floor length dresses and choose appropriate headwear and gloves. If bride war simple wedding dress, the design of bridesmaid dresses cannot be very complicated, and the color of the dresses should be unified.

    Outdoor wedding: the color of bridesmaids dress has to harmonize with the color of bride. Bridesmaids always choose dresses in lavender and light green.

    Kindly reminder: when bridesmaids choose the dresses, they must know that the bride is the leading role, so they can not wear flaring dress. The work of bridesmaid s is help bride deal with some problems. Bridesmaids should pay more attention to the back of dress, because on the wedding ceremony, most of time the bridesmaids will stand with their back to guests.

    High-heeled shoes are a good choice for bridesmaids. Because when you add your height, everything can have a good change. Your weight will be dispersed by height, and you will be slimmer. After bridesmaids buy shoes, bridesmaids had better wear the shoes half an hour every day to get used to the new shoes.

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