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The Trend of Wedding Dresses 2015

Babyonlinedress.com 2015-02-11

The new fashion show of wedding dress has ended successfully. From the gorgeous show, we can see the new trend of wedding dresses 2015. So I conclude 6 key words to help people who will become a bride in 2015.


Key word 1: Jacket

  Wedding dress with a jacket will be a point of 2015 weddings. Because people may have an aesthetic fatigue when they have seen many brides expose their chest and back. If you want to attract people’s attention, you can try to wear a dress with a jacket. Otherwise a heavy jacket can keep you warm. Now so many wedding dresses are made of chiffon or tulle, they are too thin to wear alone in cold weather. In this situation, you can wear the jacket to avoid feeling cold. Some people will hold the opinion that they can just wear a jacket they like, but in my opinion the idea of the designer is better than us. Designers know every kind of dresses need to match what kind of jackets, while we have little knowledge about this, in other words, designers are more professional than our common people.

2015 Elegant Wedding Dresses with jacket


Key word 2: Deep V-Neck

  Deep v-neck dresses can show the beauty of women’s figures better. It can make the bride looks more charming and sexier. It will draw the outline of career and release the femininity. Even for the pure girl, when she wears deep v-neck, she will be sexy in a rush. Today, the world is becoming more open, so woman can use every time to show their charms. Wearing a deep v-neck dress is a good chance for women to show their beauties.



Key word 3: Embellishment of Feather

  Feather can bring people a new feeling about wedding dress. Using feather in peplums and hems makes them unique and I consider that every bride wants her wedding dress is unique and can be praised by anyone else. Using feather can help them achieve this dream. Combining feather with traditional fabric can show the sexiness, elegance and uniqueness perfectly. No matter what kind is the wedding dress, exaggerated or low-key, feather will bring a point to any bridal gowns.

Amazing feather Wedding Dresses


Key word 4: Puff Sleeve

  It is not common to see puff sleeve in a wedding dress. Someone think the looseness of sleeve do not match the elegance of the dress. But the puff sleeve means individuality. At the same time, the disordered ruffle appears extraordinarily silence under the foil of the gorgeous of the wedding dress. So puff sleeve will be a trend before long.


Key word 5: High Collar

  In our daily life, we always see wedding dresses with sweetheart, one shoulder, v-neck, spaghetti strap, etc. we nearly do not see high collar in bridal gowns. However, in 2015 fashionable wedding dress show, we see many designers use high collar in their works. Because high collar not only can keep warm but also can make the wedding dress retro and elegant, melting and charming. With this mind, many brides would like to choose high collar dresses as their wedding dresses.



Key word 6: Trousers

  In our traditional mind, we all think wedding dress must be having a skirt. But in 2015 fashionable wedding dress show, there are some trousers appear in our eyes. This idea can reduce the trouble for the bride in some degrees. Because trousers are easier than skirts when walking and trousers are lighter than skirts. For some brides, wearing trousers may feel more relaxed than skirts.


So those are my opinions about the trend of wedding dress 2015.



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