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Babyonlinedress 2015-02-11

   It is necessary for brides to have a charming accessory on the wedding ceremony. For a perfect bride, she will make the wedding dress go with the accessories. Exquisite style and stunning accessories can make bride exploit its strong points and avoid exposing its weaknesses and make the bride nobler. However there are many brides who do not know how to match perfectly. Following is some good simples to learn.

1.       Gorgeous necklace VS sexy long wedding dress

Vintage and glamorous necklace wins brides’ love for its fluent and elegant details, which is a good choice to go with the sexy long wedding dress. It is not only fill up the void of neckline and add the charming color, but luxury light beautiful diamond necklace can set against sexy long wedding dress. In this way, bride can get mere attentions.

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2.       Vintage earring VS high neck wedding dress

If bride wears a high neck wedding dress, she will not wear a necklace, because if she wears, she will give people a complicated feeling and make bride’s neckline more massive and lace of beauty. So bride can choose other accessories and choose a delicate earring, which can make the bride lovelier.


3.       Ingenious bracelet VS simple wedding dress

Some brides may pursuit beauty of simplicity and they will choose simple wedding dress. In order to keep the whole style, too many accessories are not a good way. However, for the only wedding ceremony, bride also does not hope that she wears too simple. Bright bride will help herself to choose an elegant bracelet. It will not be flamboyant, but elegant.


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