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    What does pregnant mother bride pay attention to

    Babyonlinedress 2015-01-05

    Some people say that bride at wedding is the most beautiful woman; some people say that pregnant mother is the most beautiful woman. Bride who is also a pregnant should be careful. Holding wedding ceremony in pregnancy is a big test for mother-to-be and fetus. How should mother-to-be do as a bride safely?

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    Let others help bride deal with wedding details

    This doesn't have to be a fancy wedding coordinator, but can simply be a family member who you trust to run things according to your plan. Moreover, the wedding process should be simple and doesn’t take long time.

    Keeping good mood

    At wedding, there are many friends and relatives. They will ask bride some questions with real concern. Bride should adjust mindset and accept their care and warn. Everyone attend ceremony with good wishes. So bride should keep good mood to finish the wedding ceremony.

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    Don’t wear high-heel shoes

    Bride had better not wear high-heel shoes. Too high shoes will increase the bride’ burden and make bride lumbago. Although bride used to wear high-heel shoes, she can damage her own health in order to make her beautiful.

    Don’t smoke

    Alcohol will do harm to fetus. So at the wedding, friend who don’t know you has conceived will urge you to drink, you’d better change the alcoholic beverage to soft drink. When diners proposing toasts to guests, bride had better have some soft drink or lat bridegroom and bridesmaids help you.

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    Taking note of your safety

    At the wedding ceremony, it will be busy. Bride should pay more attention to you safety

    A bridal boutique won't usually offer much in the way of maternity wedding dresses, so check the Internet www.babyonlinedress.com to see who has these special bridal gowns in stock.


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