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Romanian wedding traditions—kidnapping bride

Babyonlinedress 2014-12-29

Now, freak and alternative wedding ceremony are chosen by more and more new couples. Romania has their new ways. Kidnapping bride is an interesting way to make the ceremony more exciting, which makes wedding ceremony memorable.


Romanian is outgoing and generous and they are good at making friends with others. Also they always give others feeling that they are old friends. Moreover, Romania custom is interesting, especially Romania wedding culture. In recent years, there is a new wedding custom in Romania that is kidnapping bride. After one or two hours, bride can be got back, which makes wedding more vibrant.

The way of kidnapping bride:

Not long after wedding, some relatives begin to plan to kidnap bride. They will take bride to the destination by car, in which they will go on the binge. At the same time, kidnappers will keep in touch with people who are at the wedding and tell the wedding announcer that they kidnap the bride and they should deliver a few bottles of wine, or the bridegroom should make a proposal. Finally, bride can be released. Some kidnappers will cover their face and hold guns. Of course, the guns are toy guns. In this way, this event will be more vivid.



Bride enjoys kidnapping.

This custom of kidnapping bride is popular for a long time in Romania. Although everyone knows kidnapping bride is just a story that is made up, all are willing to cooperate and bride enjoys kidnapping, because at the time when she is kidnapped, she can making merry with feasting and wine with her friends and relatives.

Choose a suitable wedding dress becomes more important.

At the wedding ceremony, bride will be kidnapped. So if her wedding dress is too long, it will be not convenient. So before the wedding ceremony, new bride should consider her wedding dresses carefully. On the babyonlinedress.com, you will have more choices.






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