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Why does bride need to wear wedding veil?

Babyonlinedress 2014-12-25

Bridal veil is made of veil as white as snow, and the veil is light. After bride wear wedding veil, she will look nobler and more beautiful. Different dressing up will show different beauty. This is the reason why bride will wear wedding veil.

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The custom of wearing bridal veil originated from England. English prefer white, because in England, white symbolizes love purity and good luck. So English people will wear white wedding dresses, hold white bouquets and wear white wedding veil. The custom was from the 10th century BC. In ancient Mesopotamia, women like to wear flax veil and new couples would wear chaplet. During Roman times, people with different religious faith will wear different color veils. After the Middle Ages, court nobles began to use pearls decorate chaplet. Now, people use wedding veils, which were longer and longer.

In modern society, veil symbolizes purity and happiness. Bride’s father will help bride lift the veil or bridegroom will lift the veil before kiss. If bride lifts her wedding veil, which means she is independent.






There are many legends and stories about wedding veils.

1.      One story is that at the matchmaking or wedding ceremony, bride will veil her face until the wedding ceremony end. In this way, bridegroom will not call off the engagement, though bride doesn’t have a good look.

2.      Wedding veil is used to protect bride in some western culture.

3.      In western legends, bridal veil symbolizes youth and purity. The Christian bride will wear white veil to show their purity or celebration.

4.      Another legend is that several centuries ago, when bridegroom and his friends grasp bride, he will throw a veil on the head of bride to express that the bride has been hunted by him.


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