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    Turkey wedding traditions

    Babyonlinedress 2014-12-24

    1.        Taking a bath before wedding

    There is an important rite at Turkey wedding, which is called bride bath. The day before wedding ceremony, bride or her mother will invite some friends and the womenfolk of a family to have bath together. After all relatives have come, bride will turn around bathroom and kiss elders ‘hands. Bridegroom’s mother will give bride goods with auspicious symbol. Girls will dance accompanied by brisk and lively music. At the wedding, bride’s toes will be dyed brown.

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    2.        Having a quarrel before wedding

    When bridegroom marries bride, the relatives of bride will quarrel with bridegroom’s and are unwilling to marry girl off to the man, and they want to redeem the bride. Moreover, when bridegroom bring bride to his family, the relatives of bride even throw bench and dustbin on the street to stop the cars team. All things are made to show their inseparable feeling.

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    3.        “Sanguinolent” Wedding

    Please don't make a fuss, the blood is beasts’. When bride come, they will have a ceremony, bridegroom’s family will slaughter the sheep to express good wishes, and meanwhile new couple will give guests goods with kernel, candy and money. Bride crosses the threshold and stand on the sheepskin. It is said that in this way, bride will be tender like lamb.

    Although Turkey has many customs about wedding ceremony, they are well-mannered to hold ceremony. After drinking a toast, they will have a simple party. Dancing partners are their immediate family. Bride just dances with bridegroom and her close relatives.



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