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    Saudi Arabian wedding traditions

    Babyonlinedress 2014-12-23

    Saudi is famous for its commandment and its wedding customs are special. Young boys’ and girls’ marriages are decided by their parents and depended on matchmakers’ introduction.

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    Saudi Arabian will spend two or three weeks on holding wedding ceremony. During this time, new couple’s relatives and friends will get together, singing and dancing. On the day before wedding, bride will use henna to make her palms and feet red and wear national dress. But now many brides like wear white wedding dresses. On babyonlinedress.com, you will find many beautiful wedding dresses

    Wedding ceremony will be held at bride’s family. Bride’s relatives, friends and neighbors will come to celebrate. The host will kill chickens slaughtered sheep to fete guests. At the night of this day, bride will sit on the chair with colored ribbons in the middle of the wall, and women and young girls will wave handkerchiefs and shake fans and sing around the bride to express good wishes. Although wedding ceremony is busy and all guests are very happy, bride still doesn’t smile throughout. According to local conditions, if bride smile at wedding, which will be thought that she is willing to leave her family, she will be considered as an unfilial girl and will be condemned.

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    Next morning, bride will go to bridegroom’s family with her relatives and friends. Parents-in-law and all guests will welcome warmly. On the way to bridegroom’s family, bride should endlessly weep and wail, but bridesmaids will dance and sing. After guests are coming, men and women will be separated.

    At night, people will celebrate new couple’s marriage. Guests will give their goods which include cloth, accessories, handiwork and money to the new couple. Last bride will show their dowry and accessories. Saudi Arabian emphasize face, so parents will try best to prepare dowry to make their daughter get more cheer at the wedding ceremony, and they will look good.


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