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American wedding traditions

Babyonlinedress 2014-12-22

American is around all over the world, and wedding form is different, such as busy church wedding, civil wedding without religious rites and so on. Although there many different wedding forms, there are still same traditions. Now, I will introduce you some American wedding traditions.



After wedding ceremony, relatives will throw a handful of rice to new couples, and wish them have many sons. Although the new birthrate has decreased in American, throwing rice is still a good way to express their good wishes.

After wedding ceremony, new couple will hold an exclusive reception which is also called reception dinner. At reception, there are many kinds of food which will distract guests’ attention from new couple. The kinds of food are depended on the cultural heritage of the couple, and on the finances and preferences of the bride's family, because in American, bride’s family will pay for the dinner. In the corner of the hall which lies a wedding cake with many stacks. Traditional way is that bride and bridegroom hold the knife together to cut the cake. It is said that before eating cake, bridegroom should throw the cake onto bride’s head. But now times have changed, bride can’t bear this humiliation. There is one thing which is not changed, is that before dividing a cake, bride and bridegroom should feed each other a bite.

After eating cake, bride stands on chair which is sit in the middle of the hall and throws her bouquet of flowers up in the air, the girl to catches the flower will be the next one to get married. Some girls will grab positively and some will get out of the way shyly.


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Last, bride and bridegroom will leave the hall and begin to go on a honeymoon which originates from old Germany custom. In Germany, new couple will drink honey wine for a month after wedding ceremony. Now, honeymoon is different, which is depended on new couple’s preferences, time and economic condition. Sometimes, new couples will spend a night in a near hotel, but other new couples will spend two weeks in distant resort. New bridegroom will pay for the honeymoon.


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