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    2015 Bridesmaids duties

    Babyonlinedress.com 2014-12-09

    1.      Simple cosmetic, dry and wet tissue, oil-absorbing sheet, swab, hairpin, moisturizer. They are used to touch up urgently.


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    2.      Safety pin, needlework, adhesive tape. They are used to make sure that the wedding dress is always perfect.

    3.      Pain killer, sober drug, band-aid. Because when at wedding, bride feel ill or the new shoes galls bride’s feet.


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    4.      Chewing gum: It can make bride fresh breath. Bride can prepare a bar of chocolate for bride to add physical strength.


    At wedding

    1.      Bridesmaids should pay more attention to everything about bride, for example, bridesmaid should make sure whether the wedding dress is clipped in the door, whether bride should wear another bridal dresses and whether bride should touch up or not.


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    2.      Bridesmaids not only should keep smile, they but also remind bride show the most sweet smile when she faces guests.

    3.      Bridesmaids should have safekeeping for accessories, especially wedding ring, many bridesmaids will put ring on the thumb, which is a good way.

    4.      Bridesmaids can arrange some small games to deliberately put obstacles in bridegroom’s way and make bridegroom not procure bride easily. In this way, guests will enjoy themselves to the full.

    5.      In the ceremony, bridesmaid should stand where they should stand. And they should be always at bride’s elbow at the cocktail party. They also should observe carefully about brides’ wedding dresses.


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    After wedding ceremony

    1.      Bridesmaid should pack up bride’s things, such as packing dresses, collecting accessories. There is a special person to keep the gifts, but sometimes some special gifts should be kept by bridesmaid.

    2.      Last but not least, bridesmaids should help bride get through the difficulty of bridal chamber. They can use some small and easy games to perpetrate a fraud. When it necessary, they can change embarrassed games furtively.



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