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The mistaken ideas made by new couples on choosing wedding dresses

Babyonlinedress.com 2014-11-13


Most of the brides will prepare for their wedding dresses for a very long time. Besides the common styles of the bridal dresses, actually nowadays, many traditional elements have been added to the design of wedding dress styles, such as pure manual embroidery, fabrics which are from different countries. Today, the wedding dress has become a kind of fashion and will not be fettered by the traditional design, which is just like the fashion.


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For example, the floor-length wedding dress is a popular design in recent years. However, when the bride chooses their dresses, it is a good idea for them to try to use some modern and new styles which are also very suitable for their figures and temperament.


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However, there are still some mistakes existing in choosing wedding dresses.

(I). The satin dress is better than the tulle dress


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This is a common misunderstanding that many brides will make. Most of them consider that satin dresses are nobler, but it is absolutely wrong. If the bride looks sweet, lovely and lively, the satin wedding dress is too solemn or mature. Therefore, which fabric the wedding dress will use is decided by different brides.

(II). The plump arms should wear gloves


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It’s absolutely wrong.

Gloves are very wonderful wedding accessories and they can play a role as modification. However, if the bride has plump and strong arms, gloves are the big “catastrophe” for them.

Usually, the gloves are very light colors, such as white, ivory or champagne. These colors will give people the expansion from the version. If the arms wear this type of gloves, they will be stronger instead of being modified.

(III). Mermaid wedding dress is only suitable for the devil figure


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Many brides are very hard on their figures and consider that sexy figures are their only pursuit. Also, in their opinions, mermaid wedding dresses are prepared for those ladies who have perfect figures. Actually, that’s wrong.

The figure requirements of wedding dresses are not very high as long as you do not have “life buoy” on your waist.

(IV). Strong upper arms should wear off-the-shoulder wedding dress


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Off-the-shoulder wedding dress will hide the fat to some degree; howeve
r, additional pieces of fabrics will also make the arms feel stronger.

Furthermore, the collar of this type of dress is flat in the portion of the upper chest; this may enlarge the bride’s chest measurements from the version sometimes.

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