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Process of choosing wedding dress for your 2015 wedding (I)

Babyonlinedress.com 2014-11-07


1.Select the wedding date

Before choosing your wedding dress, you must be sure of the season of the wedding, and then the accurate time, place and the style of the wedding ceremony. If the wedding is very fashionable, you can choose those wedding dresses which are in the front of the trend. If you love the traditional wedding ceremony which is classic and grand, retro wedding dresses are the best choice for you. Also, lively and light bridal gowns are suitable for country and garden weddings.


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2.Collect data

Before purchasing the we
dding dress, you need to select some pictures of the dress and mark your favorite style and details especially those in neckline and waistline. When you communicate with your wedding dress consultants or designers, do not forget to take these pictures with you. They will help you to express your thoughts and opinions.


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3.Make a budget

Wedding dresses and other accessories usually account for a proportion of 6%-15% in the whole wedding process. And also, you can rent the wedding dress from the dress shop or the photographic studio. However, in my point of view, having a wedding dress which belongs to you is very important for a bride. It will be the forever memory.


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4.Choose the wedding dress

There are too many photographic studios and wedding dress shops nowadays, and how can the bride choose them is a troublesome problem. In general, large-sale professional wedding dress shops have many different styles of dresses and their designers have rich experience. Also, the production quality is one of their secret weapons.


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However, the price of this type of dress is high enough, and today, many brides prefer to buy their wedding dresses online. The price of the dress is acceptable and the quality of these dresses is not so terrible like we usually imagine.

5.    Prepare in advance

If you need to customize the
wedding dress, you’d better to prepare it in advance, because the time will be more abundant. And after you receive the dress, you can also have enough time to try on the dress and alter it.


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6.    Find an adviser

When you choose the wedding dress, you may need to find a person who will give you some relevant suggestions, such as your mother, friends or someone know you very well and they must understand what is best for you.


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You’d better to pay attention to the following two points:
First, you need to ensure that she will not impose her own opinions on you.
Second, never let your mother and your friend accompany you together. Too many suggestions will make you feel confused. As a result, you will be very tired and you may find nothing you want.

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