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Requirements for bridesmaid dresses and high-heeled shoes

Babyonlinedress.com 2014-11-04


Different types of weddings have various requirements for bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids need to choose appropriate dresses according to the form of the weddings and the wedding dresses. And today, let’s take a look at how bridesmaid dresses match the shoes will be more harmonious.


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Which dress the bridesmaid should wear?

Outdoor wedding: bridesmaid dresses should be in coordination with the color of the bridal dresses. Generally speaking, a knee-length dress is very suitable. And the colors of the bridesmaid dresses are usually light purple, light pink, light yellow or other light colors. However, if the outdoor wedding ceremonies are near forests or other places are arborous, green dress isn’t a good choice for the wedding. You will find that when people take photos, you will be the background of the wedding.


                   2015 bridesmaid dress, wedding dress 2015

Indoor wedding: bridesmaid dresses and the wedding dress should be similar in styles. If the bride dresses a formal wedding gown with the long train, the bridesmaid had better to wear a vertical floor-length gowns and also wear some accessories, such as the headwear.

If the bride wears a simple dress, the design of bridesmaid dress should not be heavy and complicated, and also, the color of the dress should be unified.


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How to match the bridesmaid dress with shoes

It is the best choice to combine bridesmaid dresses with high-heeled shoes. A pair of high-heeled dress will increase your height from the vision. Your weight is dispersed by the increasing height, so you will look slimmer.

1.    Those warm color dresses, such as coral, orange, pink and cream dresses are suitable for gold and bronze.

2.    Those cold color dresses, such as purple, blue, gray and white dresses are the best choice for silver shoes.

3.    If you choose to wear the stiletto or flat shoes, pointed shoes with some decorations will compensate for the deficiency of the heel.

4.    If you really can’t find the appropriate shoes to match the dress, the shoes with metallic luster may be a good choice.


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You’d better wear the high-heeled shoes for half an hour each day at home when you have bought the dress. A pair of new shoes may feel uncomfortable when you wear it for the first time.





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