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Basic materials of wedding and evening dresses

Babyonlinedress.com 2014-10-30



                       2015 wedding dress, lace wedding dress, bridal dress 2015

Lace is in beautiful design with unique technology. The pattern of lace is embossed and soft. And the most obvious difference among all types of lace is their patterns.
Characteristic: lace was originally used as a supplementary material with a feeling of luxury and romance. But now, the frequency of using lace as the main material of the dress is rising.
Style: lace is commonly used in sheath and a line dress with sweep train or court train, which covers other fabrics. This type of dress will show the bride’s exquisite figure. If lace is used as auxiliary material, any style is available.


                        taffeta wedding dress, dress 2015, wedding dress2015, bridal dress

Taffeta is a kind of high-grade fabric with big density.
Characteristic: taffeta is smooth and flat. The color of it is very bright and various. The surface of the taffeta feels proofed and it is not easily stained with dust. However, taffeta will easily produce permanent creases after we fold it.
Style: party dresses, holiday dresses, quinceanera Dress


                         wedding dress 2015, chiffon wedding dress, bridal dress 2015

The scientific name of chiffon is georgette which is originated from France.
Characteristic: chiffon is light and transparent. It feels soft and elastic which has good permeability and durability. People will feel comfortable when they dress in this kind of dress.
How to take good care of chiffon dress?
1.    Do not hang chiffon products for a long time in the closet.
2.    Be careful with the water.
3.    Do not spray perfume closely.
4.    Do not force to dry the dress by your hand.
Style: high-grade evening dress


                         organza wedding dress, 2015 wedding dress, bridal gowns, 2015

People in France usually use organza as main material of wedding dress.
Characteristic: organza is very light and soft.
Style: ball gowns, wedding dress, quinceanera Dress


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