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Notes for brides about wedding dresses in 2015

Babyonlinedress.com 2014-10-28


A beautiful wedding dress can add much splendor in your wedding ceremony. However, wedding dresses, like common clothes, are usually sewed in needlework, especially tulle and lace, which cannot be pulled heavily.


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Bride should pull gently and tie up lightly on the wedding day


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On the wedding day, we should pull the zipper of the wedding dress gently and can’t pull heavily to make the zipper suffer bruising. We should know that we can’t pursue slender waist deliberately when we wear lace-up wedding dresses. It would be better to make the dress be suitable for the bride.


Bride should focus on skirt edges and high-heeled shoes can’t be too high and thin


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If the bride would be on location that day, she should be careful about the skirt edges of the floor-length wedding dress. I believe that every beautiful girl has an experience of it. If you wear high-heeled shoes, you will be stumbled by lace of the dress easily. So it is important for you to pay attention to this.


Bride should take measures to avoid the strap sliding


There is a kind of skid-resistant decals which can be put on the shoulder straps. In this way, bride can avoid the strap sliding because of inattention. You can buy it on the internet or it can be replaced by the scotch tape. 


Bride should protect their nubra


If the bride is not able to wear the brassiere, you must pay more attention to protect the nubra. Never look down on them, and sometimes they will play an important role at crucial time. 


Bride should carry sewing kit with her


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On the wedding day, bridesmaid can put some needles and thread in their handbags. If the dress goes wrong, they can help the bride solve this problem. Maybe it will not work so well, but if it can help bride avoid embarrassment as an emergency action, we can think it over.





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