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The Details of Wedding Dresses

Babyonlinedress.com 2014-10-24


Details are one of major elements to show wedding dresses’ quality. Now, handmade flower, beadings, lace and Embroidery are used on the wedding dresses. Moreover, every single has different craft. However, for ordinary consumers, just two factors can be checked to testify whether the dress is good or not.


         wedding dress, beading, appliques. crystal, embroidery

First whether all details is delicate or not?

Technical details show dresses’ quality. As we all know, common beading has two styles: Manual clamp plate and adhesive beading. Of course, the former is better. When Brides choose wedding dresses, they should pay attention to details, such as whether the craft is well-knit, whether the dress has thread.

                  wedding dress, bridal gowns, beading wedding dress, workmanship

Second whether the quality of embellishment is good or not?

As we all know, Diamond will be divided into the drilling, Czech drilling, South Korea drilling, domestic drilling, domestic B drill. Lace can be divided into soft lace and car bone lace. The handmade flower is stereoscopic, generous and lovely or not. The embroidery is fine or not, etc. Different details show different styles. For example, beading gives people pearlescent luxury feeling, stereoscopic handmade flowers gives people classic and meaningful luxury feeling, lace is typical of romantic style, and embroidery explain classic and graceful style profoundly.


                   wedding dresses, lace appliques bridal dress, crystal wedding dress

Every smart bride should have these skills to choose dresses. So for every wedding dress, high quality is the most important. I hope everyone can choose favorite dress and becomes the most beautiful bride.





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