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The Analyses of Cinderella Dresses Film

Babyonlinedress.com 2015-03-23

The film Cinderella has been released. What impressed us most is not its plot, is its attractive beautiful and luxurious Cinderella Dresses. As we all know, the designer of those dresses is Sandy Powell, who has rewarded Oscar three times and is a good leader of fashion. She makes preparation for this film more than two years and she wants to attract people’s eyes. Now she makes it.


Firstly, I would like to say something about the most amazing Cinderella Prom Dress—the blue Cinderella party dress. I can say that it must be the most luxurious dress in the history of film. In order to show the innervations without any special effects, the designer uses more than 12 fabrics of different depths of blue, including tulle, nylon, and polyester fiber. So when the Cinderella dances with the prince, we just like see the dress dances in the sky. At the same time, the designer uses more than 10000 little rhinestones to show the effect of shine and luxury. As for me, this dress is my favorite.




Second I will analyze the Cinderella Wedding Dress. The dress is very luxurious and charming. It gives people a feeling of fairy. This dress is cream-colored and is decorated by some beautiful flowers, which are draw by handcraft. This long sleeve dress is made of organza and it can show the temperament of Lily James incisively and vividly.



In the end, let us talk something about the dresses of the step-mother. The Cinderella step-Mother Dress is much simple and do not have some complex embellishments. Both of these are made of satin and they are used with dark colors. But the designer has special designs in the other details, such as the special collar, the big cap, etc. They all show that the step-mother is luxurious and arbitrary.




In conclusion, compared with other films, I like the blue Cinderella prom dress most. This film owns a good designer in the world and I considered it will make a high water in the following days.


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